If I have submitted a transaction, can I still make edits to the transaction?

When the status is still in "Scheduled", you can abort the transaction and make any edits as needed. 

Once the transaction is in "Pending", the transaction has already been sent and no changes can be made in the system.  

Here is a quote from the DOJ website/FAQ regarding this: 

"What if I filled out the Live Scan form correctly, but the Live Scan operator transposed numbers, or left information off the submission?"

Unfortunately, with the volume of fingerprint transactions submitted, the DOJ cannot correct most errors. In most cases, you will have to send the applicant to be fingerprinted again – as if it was the initial transaction. All fees will be charged again. The Live Scan operator should not charge a rolling fee the second time, if the mistake was his/hers. Also, you may be able to work out a compromise on paying the processing fees with the Live Scan operator.

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