What is the application type for Dept. of Social Services ORI Number A0448?

Authorized Applicant Type indicates the facility type where you will be working. Select your licensed facility type from the left column, and in the right column find its corresponding DOJ abbreviated facility type. Enter the corresponding DOJ abbreviated facility type on this line.

Note: In the following table you may be able to identify yourself with more than one facility type within each category. Please select only one facility type in any category using the facility that you are most associated with on a day-to-day basis.

If this is your applicable facility type ➯ Enter this abbreviated facility type on your application.

CCLD Facility Type by Category DOJ Abbreviated CCLD Facility Type
Home Care Aide Home Care Aide
Home Care Organization Home Care Organization 
Adult Day Care Facility /Adult Day Support Center /Adult Residential Facility /Social Rehabilitation Facility Adult Day/Resident/Rehab
Child Care Center /Infant Center /Mildly Ill Center /School Age Child Care Center Day Care Center more/6 Child
Family Child Care Home Family Day Care
Foster Family Agency /Foster Family / Adoptions Agency /Foster Family Agency Sub Office  Foster Family/Adopt Employment
Foster Family Agency - Certified Home /Foster Family Home Foster Family Home
Group Home (6 or less children) Group Home 6/child less
Group Home (7 or more) /Community Treatment Facility Group Home more/6 child
Residential Care Facility for the Chronically Ill /Residential Care Facilities for the Elderly Residential Care Facility Elderly
Small Family Home /Transitional Housing Placement Program Residential Child Care 6/less
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