Can I get my California Live scan sent to a different state?

Currently, live scan services are state-specific and are only valid in the state where the live scan is done. This means that if you need a live scan for a state you are not currently in, it needs to be done within the state that it is requested for or by a live scan vendor licensed in that state. This gives you three options:

1.  Visit a Live Scan location in the requested state to complete your live scan. 

2.  Request a vendor licensed in that state to travel to your location to conduct a live scan.

3.  Ask your requesting agency if you may submit an ink fingerprint card instead.

You can also go through a card conversion provider; they can scan your fingerprint card and submit your application as a live scan transaction. The card conversion provider will need to be in the state that is requiring the live scan. Certifix does not provide card conversion services at this time.

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