Can the applicant use an AB60 / AB 60 driver's license?

AB 60 Driver's License (info from California DOJ) If you present your AB 60 license in a state other than California, you may be at risk depending on the laws and policies of that state.  Do not attempt to use your AB 60 license to enter restricted areas of federal facilities, pass through TSA screening, or verify your identity to federal law enforcement officers, including Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) and Customs and Border Patrol (CBP). When talking to or in front of law enforcement, anything you say can be used against you - don't talk about your immigration status, citizenship, or when you came to the US, or where you're from. On the front, it says, "federal limits apply." On the back, it says, "not acceptable for official federal purposes." What does this mean? It means federal officials and out of state local law enforcement agencies are not obligated to accept your driver’s license as a form of identification. Inside of California, your AB 60 license should be accepted by state and local law enforcement in the same way any other California ID or driver's license would be accepted (including for citations or arrests) whether you are driving or not. Also, it's illegal for state or local agencies or officials, or any program that receives state funds, to discriminate against you because of your AB 60 license.

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