I can't find or type an ORI in CScan program?

The database is updated by the Dept. of Justice. If you try to type in an ORI and it doesn't appear, you need to update the CScan database. You can call our IT dept. Or you can do this yourself. 

1.  Click to open the Internet Explorer browser window, then go to the link: or type: into the address bar. 

2.  Scroll down on the webpage and click the button "Force database update." The computer has to be connected to the internet and the VPN. (The VPN shows a green lock icon in the bottom toolbar on the right side.) 

3. Allow for all the files to download. 

4. Then restart the computer, log into CScan and try entering the ORI again.

*UPDATE* IT has now added an icon to most laptops titled DOJ Tables Updates.  This will pull up the same pages as would if done manually as above.

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